Teach Bike Riding In 2 To 10 Minutes

Fastest, easiest, safest, greenest patented teaching process with scientific certainty

The guarantee holds for 30 days though you will know just a few minutes into the video if your beginner will learn to ride with Pedal Magic. If your beginner weighs over 200 lbs or has heavy training wheels dependency it may be necessary to use Pedal Magic remedial drills. These drills take longer than core Pedal Magic drills depending on the degree of dependency. Our unconditional guarantee holds regardless of your situation.

From non-rider to rider in 2 to 10 easy minutes.

No hardware. No hard work. No falls. No tears. No fears.

Unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Prompt and cheerful refund if not 100% satisfied.

100% risk-free.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Be watching Pedal Magic in 5 minutes. Click here to order.
Requires broadband/high-speed connection.

Pedal Magic is for personal use only. Use in professional practice (e.g. physical therapy), community events (e.g. bike camps), etc. will be violations of our patent rights.

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The only barrier that keeps anyone who is physically ready for bike riding from bike riding is the device or method used for teaching bike riding.