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Teach Bike Riding In 2 To 10 Minutes

Nothing to riding in 2 to 10 minutes the very first time your child straddles a bike. Pedal Magic is now on YouTube.

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Fastest. Easiest. Safest. Sanest. And now showing on YouTube!

Ready. Pedal. Balance. In 2 to 10 minutes.

Now any child or adult beginner anywhere in the world can and WILL learn to ride a bicycle if the following conditions are true:

Keeping a bicycle in balance only requires pedaling to keep the bike moving at normal walking speed and quick enough reflex to react as the bike starts falling to either side. Anyone who has those two abilities simply cannot NOT learn to ride a bicyle. Why? Because the Laws of Physics dictate it.

Pedal Magic (US Patent 5,887,883) actively and directly leverages scientific principles to help beginners learn to ride very quickly, safely and effortlessly. Click here to watch Pedal Magic on YouTube.